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One prompt makes all the TOP marketing content formats for your business

The unique architecture of the builder enables the generation of a series of the most popular Digital Marketing content formats from just one text prompt.

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    Social Media Posts

    Write and publish

    Revolutionize your social media presence with our innovative management platform! Our unique system allows you to create and publish posts to all your accounts simultaneously from a single interface. Forget the hassle of logging into each social network separately - now, your posts can instantly appear across all platforms with our user-friendly interface. But that's not all! We offer scheduled posting, enabling you to craft posts in advance and set them to go live
    at a specific time.

  • SEO Articles

    Write and publish

    We offer a tool for generating articles that are tailored to various search engines, ensuring they are equally well-optimized for all search engines. Our content builder is trained in SEO requirements and the latest search engine algorithms. The built-in AI researches your target audience and keywords to ensure each article effectively conveys information and attracts organic traffic. By using our content builder, you can be confident that your content will meet the latest search engine requirements and maximize your organic traffic.

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    Expert articles

    We offer a tool for generating articles that are tailored to various search engines, ensuring they are equally well-optimized for all search engines. Our content builder is trained in SEO requirements and the latest search engine algorithms. The built-in AI researches your target audience and keywords to ensure each article effectively conveys information and attracts organic traffic. By using our content builder, you can be confident that your content will meet the latest search engine requirements and maximize your organic traffic.

  • Press Releases

    The Content Builder is the ideal tool for crafting press releases. Utilizing the latest advances in artificial intelligence, it offers a solution for creating unique content. It excels in analyzing and selecting the most relevant facts and events related to a chosen topic, seamlessly incorporating them into the final text. Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, users can easily master all its functionalities. Efficient and easy to use, this tool is an invaluable asset for all professionals in the field of press release creation, helping to save time and effort in writing informational materials.


Features of our Content Builder

We use a combination of the best LLM (Large Language Models) for generating text, images, and videos

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    Best LLM models

    GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-3.5, LLAMA2, Beluga

    These are the latest models developed for text generation. With their help, the writing process becomes not only fast but also incredibly high quality

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    Image generation in just a few seconds

    Get unique and original images from four sources at once: AI neural networks like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 3, and two stock photo libraries. Whether you need simple or truly unique images, you'll find everything in one place

Our unique developments

  • Universal structure

    The Content Builder enables the creation of both social media posts and SEO-optimized articles for websites from a request consisting of just a few words

  • News and use cases

    In the article creation process, the Content Builder emphasizes relevance by incorporating only the latest news on the topic, ensuring the texts remain current and engaging for a broad audience

  • Academic approach

    We add direct links to articles to ensure straightforward access to sources and maintain complete transparency for every piece of information presented in the texts generated.


Publisher allows you to manage your social media postings conveniently and efficiently, as well as duplicate to corporate websites and Neuron feeds.

You can choose which platforms to publish a particular post on, so you can tailor content to each social network.

Integration with a variety of platforms makes it possible to control all promotion channels from one centralised Neuron Expert platform, which makes management much easier, minimises the risk of errors and saves you time.


Publishing on all social networks at once

Share posts with the click of a button on all networks

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Schedule publications to build and visualise your content plan.

Manage your publishing schedule to ensure a consistent social media presence.

Manage multiple projects at the same time.

Unique text writing algorithm

For several months, we have been training our AI, which is the foundation of our content creation tool, in modern methods of creating engaging posts for social networks in their most popular formats, as well as in creating SEO-optimized articles.

Knowledge we taught the AI content manager

  • img Analysis of Commercial Posts

    We analyzed an extensive database of the most successful commercial posts, allowing our AI to assimilate their style and structure

  • img Marketing

    The training process was built upon an extensive review of all available literature on marketing, encompassing a wide range of resources and references related to the field.

  • img Studying Social Media Formats

    Drawing from the experience of our consultants, we identified the most in-demand and effective content formats for each social network

  • img SEO Analytics

    Our SEO consultants compiled a comprehensive list of factors influencing website rankings in search engines, and we integrated this knowledge into our AI's database.

What tasks does the Content Builder perform ?

  • Choice of any content formats

    You just enter a prompt and we give the top formats that are used in marketing and PR

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    Adding sources on topics worth referencing

    Finds the latest news on the topic on the internet, which you can use in your posts and articles. Automatically saves links to primary sources in a separate section of the article called references

  • High-speed text editing with AI

    Among the most sought-after tools are those for summarizing text and condensing articles or paragraphs, expanding the amount of text, translating articles into any language, and many more

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    Translation into all different languages

    You can use the latest news on the topic or articles in any language for an article in your native tongue. Don't worry, our AI will provide a high-quality translation and proofreading for the final article

  • Quickly generate images for posts and articles

    The AI will search photo stock libraries and generate unique images for your post or article using the best generative models. All you'll need to do is drag and drop your favorite illustrations


Who needs our Content Builder

  • img SMM and bloggers

    Helps in creating quality content for blogs. Bloggers simply need to enter a query, and the content builder will generate unique and engaging posts. Additionally, the neural network will craft captivating headlines for posts, videos, and texts

  • img Media and journalists

    The content builder can replace an entire editorial team of journalists. In just a few seconds, the neural network can write a news piece with the correct structure. Additionally, this service is beneficial for journalists, as it enables them to produce significantly more news articles, thereby increasing their income

  • img Copywriters

    The builder will enable authors to significantly increase their output of texts on any topic, ensuring the creation of unique and high-quality rewritten materials while acting as a professional copywriter

  • img Translators

    In just a few seconds, it will translate the text into the chosen language, taking into account grammar and punctuation. The AI translation will often be as accurate as that of an experienced translator

TOP content formats for Marketing, Sales and PR

  • You just enter a request, and we provide the most top formats that are used in marketing and PR
  • You only need to describe in two or three words what you want to tell your clients
Try it and save time on writing text!
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    Social media posts

    We have developed a versatile format tailored to meet the various requirements of different social networks, ensuring your posts are optimized for each platform. Imagine being able to seamlessly publish your content across all social networks in a single click. Our innovative tool (link to the publisher) makes this possible, streamlining your social media management. Additionally, for those who prefer planning and scheduling their content, we offer a sophisticated delayed publication feature. Dive deeper into our planner for more details, and discover how we can elevate your social media strategy to new heights.

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    SEO-optimized articles for your website

    SEO-optimized articles are more than just website content; they're a strategic tool to improve your site's search engine visibility. Crafted with targeted keywords and current SEO best practices, these articles help your site rank higher in search results. The tool also allows for automatic uploading of articles, simplifying content management and SEO enhancement. This approach is both efficient and cost-effective, providing substantial SEO benefits at a lower cost compared to traditional marketing. By using this tool, you enhance your website with quality content and strengthen your online presence, making your site more accessible to potential customers.

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    Expert articles for media

    We are creating a universal format that takes into account all the limitations of social networks. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, we ensure greater efficiency in the article writing process, reducing the time and effort required by journalists and publicists. We consider all the nuances of social networks, such as character limits or formatting requirements. Our articles are perfectly tailored for publication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms. Save time and resources while producing high-quality content that helps maintain a leading position in the media world.

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    Educational programs

    Our platform offers the capability to host educational video programs. Aiming to make learning accessible and convenient, we provide the feature of generating quizzes for each lesson. This ensures a thorough assessment and reinforcement of the knowledge gained. Our platform is designed to assist educators and trainers in effectively delivering knowledge through an interactive format. We offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing for easy creation and editing of video programs, as well as the generation of lesson-aligned quizzes. With our platform, learning becomes an engaging and interactive experience, opening new avenues for growth and self-improvement.

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    Video and Shorts

    Our platform is a powerful tool for creating original and high-quality video content for social networks, YouTube, and other popular platforms. With our assistance, users can easily and quickly create top-notch videos, tailored to the specific requirements of each platform. A key feature of our platform is the integrated templates and effects that allow for the rapid creation of stylish and creative videos. We are confident that our platform will significantly simplify the video creation process, helping users stand out among competitors and achieve greater success in the online world.

Advantages available for you

You will no longer spend hours writing and editing texts. Our service will allow you to easily create perfect texts the first time, freeing you from unnecessary hassle and speeding up your work

  • Write unique

    Create original content. Protect your authority and SEO rankings. All content is guaranteed 100% plagiarism free. All written content is personalized to meet your needs

  • Breaking writer's block

    Say goodbye to creative obstacles and
    welcome productivity. Get new and innovative ideas for your projects

  • Link to sources

    Easily find sources or useful articles worth citing with our built-in AI research tool. Add text from a source to your text with just one click.

  • 100+ languages

    Overcome any language barriers by translating text into over 100 languages to get your ideas spread around the world.

  • Resource savings

    Reducing text writing costs. AI-based generator allows you to reduce the cost of writing texts by reducing the cost of paying authors, editors and copywriters.

  • Fast and efficient

    Using a generator based on artificial intelligence allows you to significantly reduce the time required to write articles. For example, it takes a human about 3 hours to write an article of 1000 words. Our generator can create the same text in just a few minutes!

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