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Digital workers

An exclusive specialist for your purposes, trained on the basis of corporate scenarios and a specialised knowledge base.

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Who will benefit from AI Digital workers:

Large corporations

to automate large volumes of
sales and customer service in
the global market

Medium and small businesses

to optimize work processes
and reduce personnel costs


for rapid scaling and
cost savings

Telecommunications companies

to automate sales of services
and customer service

Bloggers and

to automate advertising
campaigns and interact with


to automate sales of
educational programs and

Neuron Sales AI Sales Manager

virtual marketing and sales specialist trained in corporate scenarios and specialized databases. The employee is able to automate a variety of tasks, from simple to complex, that were previously performed solely by humans, and provide competent interactions with customers without human intervention.

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The ideal instrument for businesses in a fast-paced world where effective customer interaction is a key success factor

Round-the-clock support

High level of customer service
regardless of their time zone

Increased productivity

No need for a large number of
employees, resulting in cost savings

Communicating in the
language of the

Increase customer loyalty
through direct communication

Quick response to

Reduce customer churn and increase

Reduction of errors

The actions of virtual employees are based on algorithms and accurate data, which eliminates human error

No emotional impact

AI has no moodiness or fatigue, always addresses the customer with enthusiasm and courtesy

The AI Digital Worker is constantly learning, adapting to changing requirements, which enables it to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations. Thanks to a vast knowledge base in marketing, it is deeply immersed in contemporary methodologies and sales practices, ensuring the successful implementation of your business's marketing strategies.

How to get a Digital Worker?

Tell us about your business for Sales Manager training

Fill out the details in your corporate profile on our platform or share the required information in a chat with Neuron

Activate Digital Worker

Once AI has processed the necessary data, we will help activate the chat with the virtual employee on the platform and/or integrate into the corporate website

Correct the employee's work

You can make employee edits around the clock on our platform via chat and voice control (in development).

Find out more information

Feel free to ask Neuron questions - he is available to advise you on virtual employee opportunities and their benefits.

We are committed to long-term and fruitful co-operation, so we will support you every step of the way:

Customisation and Setting

As soon as Sales Manager is onboarded, our specialists will help you customise Digital Worker to fit the features and needs of your business.

Technical support

Our technical experts are always ready to help in case of any questions or problems with the functioning of Sales Manager.

Regular updates

Technology does not stand still and we are constantly improving our product. All updates and improvements will be available to your company so that the virtual employee is always up to date.

Feedback and Development

We value the opinion of our customers and are ready to take into account your wishes to improve Digital Worker.

Will be available soon:

Content Manager
Digital Content Manager

Capable of generating texts and optimizing content for SEO. He manages the content, checks and corrects it for errors and uniqueness.

Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms ensuring high accuracy and quality of generation.

SMM Manager
Digital SMM Manager

Works on content plans of various sizes, based on trends and formats of various social networks, generates ideas and topics, creates material, helping to maintain contact with the audience.

With SMM Manager, you can control all social networks using one platform, publish materials without moving from one site to another.

Marketing Expert
Digital Marketing Expert

Analyzes the market, creating strategies based on this data. And also selects effective promotion channels individually for your business.

Combine the efforts of Content Manager and SMM Manager under the control of Marketing Expert to fully automate the content process.


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