June 19, 2024, 9 a.m.


The initial experience with the Microsoft Surface Pro (2024) tablet was disappointing due to unexpected reboots and issues with the Surface Pro Flex Keyboard. The review process was affected by the botched AI-powered Recall feature from Microsoft. The Windows interface felt quick and lag-free. However, Recall was not included in the new Surface Pro 11th Edition.

Setting up the device took some time, and keyboard firmware updates were needed. The OLED version of the Surface Pro looked fantastic, but there were some glitches with certain AI applications. Overall, the hardware performed well, but the Microsoft app and hardware experience felt rushed. Further testing and performance evaluation will be conducted.

Initial impressions of the Microsoft Surface Pro (2024) tablet were not positive. The device spontaneously rebooted after setting it up, and the new Surface Pro Flex Keyboard was unresponsive and needed to be charged separately. Due to the botched AI-powered Recall feature, reviewers were able to publish their reviews without any embargoes. Despite the quick and snappy Windows interface, the setup process lacked Recall, and there were issues with the keyboard and touchpad. Updating the keyboard firmware was necessary, but inconvenient. The review also noted the impressive OLED display and fast app loading. However, some AI applications felt glitchy and required an internet connection. Overall, while the hardware is impressive, the overall Microsoft app and hardware experience felt rushed.

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