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Find the best solution for optimizing your business

Expert Reception

Get help from specialists in various fields


Integrate the best practice into your business

Worldwide reach

Uniting people around the world through modern technology

5 continents

We unite continents

90+ countries

Users from countries have chosen our platform

110+ languages

Languages for barrier-free communication

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Benefits for Experts

Grow yourself and your clients base

Get new clients

Receive new orders, earn from consulting, mentoring, and training

Build your expert community

Communicating with like-minded professionals in your field to exchange knowledge and experience

AI simultaneous translation

Communication in any convenient language. Talk to people in their language

All types of communication

Communication in any format with your colleagues and friends: chat, audio, video

Already 3000 professionals have appreciated the benefits of our expert network

Your own Expert Avatar

The expert AI avatar operates around the clock, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technologies to represent you as an expert within the Neuron Expert Network.

  • Easily trained with your profile data
  • Never sleeps and always in a good mood
  • Speaks all languages
  • Remembers everything and won't succumb to dementia
  • Will never resign from you
* No credit card required

Benefits for your Business

Implement AI in your business processes.

Reduce marketing, SMM and content production costs with Content Maker & Digital Workers and promote your company easily

Content Builder

Unleash the power of AI with our Content Builder, transforming your ideas into compelling content effortlessly

SMM Publisher

The SMM manager tool for publishing on social networks and websites is designed to attract customers without incurring advertising costs

Digital Workers

Train your digital worker to be helpful, answer customer questions, make your business more productive, and save your time

Use cases for AI assistants

Restaurant, Bar, Hotel

Neuron for the HoReCa segment

Our it solution offers an AR avatar at every table and hotel room to take orders, process payments, and send them to the kitchen or invite vendors for organizing a party or an unforgettable vacation.

How it can be in Mcdonald's

Educational Programs

Creation of comprehensive educational programs

The capabilities of the content builder for creating unique content in all its main forms—
text with illustrations, educational video clips, AR demonstrations, and finally testing by Neuron—will allow for the most effective assimilation of knowledge.

Cold Mails

Cold Emails Creator for Investors

AI Assistant for Crafting Cold Emails to Investors: Turn your startup idea into a compelling pitch in minutes. Simply provide the theme of your project, and our assistant, utilizing a database of best practices from Y-Combinator, will craft the perfect email for you. This is the ideal tool for entrepreneurs looking to catch the attention of investors without spending hours on writing.

Use email creator

Our technologies are applicable in various fields.

If you have any new ideas, let me know!

Content Maker and SMM Publisher

Leading the SMM, PR, and SEO campaign from a single location using a powerful digital marketing tool that harnesses all current types of content marketing

publisher img

Generate all top marketing content formats for your business with just one prompt

Social media posts

Сontent builder automatically generates complete posts consisting of text and images, adapting them to fit the optimal sizes for various social networks and utilizing best practices in content creation

SEO-optimized articles for your website

Our SEO tool, with a WordPress plugin for automated publishing, boosts search engine rankings and drives traffic to your site with minimal investment, effectively expanding your online presence

Video and Shorts

The platform generates high-quality video content for social networks, YouTube, and TikTok, using advanced methods for creating both short and full-length videos to achieve online competitive success.

Expert articles for media

Our AI-powered tool not only optimizes the creation of media articles but also scientific papers, saving time and effort for journalists, publicists, and researchers.

SMM Publisher

Content pipeline

NEURON functions as a content pipeline, providing users with the tools and capabilities to manage the entire process of creating, editing and publishing content

Working on multiple projects

The ability to work on multiple projects at the same time increases work efficiency and productivity

Postponed publication

NEURON Publisher allows you to post the created content on various social platforms at any convenient time, simplifying the process of information distribution

Publishing on all social networks at once

Share posts with the click of a button on all networks

Digital Workers

AI Digital Worker is a virtual employee, trained by the best specialists in their field and customized by you for your tasks. It works around the clock, offers individual solutions, reduces costs, and seamlessly integrates with business systems

Personal Assistant
Personal representative in Neuron network

Start training your personal assistant. They will represent your interests in the Neuron Expert Network when you are offline or busy.

  • He will talk about your services
  • Never sleeps and is always in a good mood
  • Speaks the most popular languages
  • Knows your personal schedule and will suggest a convenient time for a consultation
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Your own versions of ChatGPT

Create your own versions of ChatGPT, combining instructions, additional knowledge, and any set of skills. Personal assistants can solve various tasks. They can be applied for internal use or for creating your digital products

  • Instant access to knowledge: Stores an extensive database, allowing you to instantly retrieve the necessary information.
  • Personalized approach: Adapts to your needs and preferences, offering individualized solutions.
  • Project efficiency: Optimizes project management and increases work productivity.
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The advantages of Digital Workers are the speed of training and work, the processing of a large amount of data and requests, which will provide you with optimized business processes. Communicate with coworkers using the built-in communication system and get the opportunity to train corporate e-workers

Digital Business Сard

A business card provides a unique opportunity for specialists and companies to present themselves in the modern world. It's much more than just a name and phone number on a card — it's a digital presentation of your professional image.

business-card img

Message Center

Centralized approach to communication

Message Center allows receiving messages from social networks, telephony, messengers, websites, and processing them with AI in a single place.

Connect quick access to messengers for corporate and personal communication without having to switch between apps


message icon whatsapp icon telegram icon

Social networks

facebook icon instagram icon twitter icon linkedin icon linkedin icon


telephony icon


website icon

Modern Workflow


Receiving messages from all sources


Process all incoming messages using AI


Send notifications about the most interesting topics through convenient messengers


Respond to most messages in automatic mode

AI tools

Our artificial intelligence tools can help you stand out among professionals and improve your social media presence.


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