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Frequently asked questions

General Platform Questions

  • Neuron Expert Network stands out by combining advanced AI capabilities with blockchain technology, offering a range of digital workers and AI tools, and providing an expert network for business growth and personal development. Its AI-driven solutions, like Neuron GPT, enhance sales and marketing efforts, while blockchain technology ensures secure and reliable operations.

  • Yes, Neuron GPT can be customized to meet specific industry needs, helping solve business problems and boosting sales efficiency. It appears to be adaptable to various business contexts.

  • Businesses seeking to enhance their client base, improve sales, and maximize social media visibility can benefit significantly. This includes enterprises looking to integrate AI into their processes and those needing expert consultations and advanced content management.

  • Blockchain technology in the Neuron Expert Network enhances data security, provides decentralized AI computing, and ensures tamper-proof storage. This leads to more efficient processing, increased privacy, and reduced vulnerability to single points of failure.

  • You can read more about the tariff plan on this page: If you have any questions, please contact Neuron in chat.

  • The platform employs decentralized secure storage and blockchain technology, suggesting a high level of data security against single points of failure and unauthorized access.

  • We help you integrate our products into your business, and provide support with usage.

Digital Workers

  • Digital workers, like AI Sales Manager, are designed to automate a wide range of tasks, from customer engagement in online chats on Neuron.Expert and company websites to complex sales and marketing tasks. They are programmed to handle both routine and complex activities that were traditionally done by humans.

  • The AI Digital Worker is trained on corporate scenarios and a specialized knowledge base. Businesses can provide information about their operations to customize the training of the AI Sales Manager, ensuring it aligns with their specific needs and practices.

  • Yes, digital workers are equipped to understand and process natural language, enabling them to interact effectively with clients in online chats and respond to inquiries in a manner similar to human employees.

  • Yes, these tools are designed to communicate with customers in their language, enhancing customer loyalty and providing a more personalized experience

  • The AI is trained on specialized databases and corporate scenarios, allowing it to handle complex, industry-specific queries effectively and provide accurate, relevant responses

  • Yes, digital workers can be customized for specific roles. They can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of a business, ensuring they align with the company’s operations and objectives.

  • The AI manages and prioritizes tasks based on algorithms and data-driven insights. It is designed to respond promptly to customer inquiries and efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • The AI tools are designed to be user-friendly for non-technical users. Businesses can easily customize and manage the AI through a platform interface, and technical support is provided to assist with any issues or questions.

SMM manager

  • NEURON platform works on content plans, generating ideas and topics based on trends and social network formats. This helps in creating material that maintains contact with the audience and optimizes social media strategies.

  • Yes, NEURON analyzes the market and creates strategies based on this data. This includes selecting effective promotion channels and suggesting content that aligns with current market trends.

  • NEURON is capable of generating texts and optimizing content for SEO. This involves managing content, checking, and correcting it for errors and uniqueness, ensuring high SEO standards.

  • Yes, NEURON platform allows for the scheduling of content across various social media platforms. NEURON Publisher and Scheduling Tool provide the ability to post materials at any convenient time, simplifying the distribution process.

  • Yes, NEURON platform allows users to edit content directly in the app, offering flexibility and the ability to make quick changes, which implies customization of social media posts.

  • NEURON Publisher supports working with a variety of content formats, including text and images. This allows for the creation of diverse and engaging publications.

  • The NEURON Publisher supports publishing on various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn.