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AI Content Manager

Automatically create and publish text and video posts for your social networks and SEO-optimized articles for your website. This tool enables easy creation of high-quality content, expanding your audience through search engine optimization and social media marketing

AI Content Manager

One prompt makes all the TOP marketing content formats for your business.


Write and publish

We offer a tool for generating articles that are tailored to various search engines, ensuring they are equally well-optimized for all search engines. Our content builder is trained in SEO requirements and the latest search engine algorithms. The built-in AI researches your target audience and keywords to ensure each article effectively conveys information and attracts organic traffic. By using our content builder, you can be confident that your content will meet the latest search engine requirements and maximize your organic traffic

Social media posts

Craete and publish

We have developed a versatile format tailored to meet the various requirements of different social networks, ensuring your posts are optimized for each platform. Imagine being able to seamlessly publish your content across all social networks in a single click. Our innovative tool (link to the publisher) makes this possible, streamlining your social media management. Additionally, for those who prefer planning and scheduling their content, we offer a sophisticated delayed publication feature. Dive deeper into our planner for more details, and discover how we can elevate your social media strategy to new heights


Craete and publish

Create and share exciting video content with our innovative tool. Easily create videos of any theme and format, then instantly publish them for your audience. Our tool offers a wide range of editing and customization features to help you create content that will capture attention and engage viewers. Don't waste time on complex software—with our intuitive interface, video creation becomes an easy and enjoyable process


Craete and publish

We have the perfect solution for quickly and engagingly creating short videos. Our tool for short videos makes it easy to create and publish content that captures viewers' attention and conveys your message in an engaging form. With it, you can share short videos on various platforms, attracting new subscribers and enhancing interaction with your current audience. Create impressive short videos that will be memorable and make your content more appealing to viewers


Craete and publish

Creation and distribution of news content for your business. Saving time and resources by replacing an entire team of specialists with innovative technology. Ensuring constant relevance of content to maintain audience interest. Multilingual and multi-format content attracts new users, and SEO for the site improves your website's ranking in search engines, increasing traffic and potential customers

Maximize Efficiency: Publish Across Social Networks and Websites

Publisher enables efficient management of social media posts and seamless replication across corporate websites.

Publishing on all social networks at once

You can choose which platforms to publish a specific post on, allowing you to tailor content to each social network. Integration with a variety of platforms enables control over all promotion channels from a single centralized Neuron Expert platform, significantly simplifying management, minimizing the risk of errors, and saving your time.

Schedule and visualize your content plan to maintain a consistent social media presence and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Enhance Your Website's Functionality

Publishing on website

Publishing thematic SEO-optimized articles and timely news will ensure your website remains relevant and engaging for your audience, and it will attract new clients from search engines through SEO algorithms.

Plugins for embedding into a website

Our WordPress plugins and insertion codes ensure seamless integration into websites built with JavaScript (JS), Vue, React, and PHP

Meet Neuron!

As your new Content Manager, I will diligently track industry-related and local news to curate compelling content for your social media channels and website, ensuring your audience stays informed and engaged.

Let's discuss the capabilities of Neuron Content Manager

Save on advertising by attracting customers with Сontent Marketing

Traffic from search engines

Attracting new customers using SEO algorithms of search engines

Traffic from social networks

New users from social networks attracted by posts and viral videos

Viral short videos for attracting customers

Creating short video clips for platforms such as TikTok and YouTube Shorts, which attract the attention of a wider audience due to the high reach and viral popularity of video content.

Retaining your business's customer base

Regular postings on social media and website help maintain interest in your business.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads

According to the latest research from Forbes

Using AI Content Manager for SEO is ten times more cost-effective

In 2024, small businesses in the US spend $500 — $5,000/month on SEO service providers. Larger businesses have SEO budgets of $30K — $50K/month or higher.

According to the research from SparkLaunch Media

Who needs AI Content Manager

SMM managers and Bloggers

Helps in creating quality content for blogs. Bloggers simply need to enter a query, and the content builder will generate unique and engaging posts. Additionally, the neural network will craft captivating headlines for posts, videos, and texts

Media and Journalists

The content builder can replace an entire editorial team of journalists. In just a few seconds, the neural network can write a news piece with the correct structure. Additionally, this service is beneficial for journalists, as it enables them to produce significantly more news articles, thereby increasing their income


The builder will enable authors to significantly increase their output of texts on any topic, ensuring the creation of unique and high-quality rewritten materials while acting as a professional copywriter


In just a few seconds, it will translate the text into the chosen language, taking into account grammar and punctuation. The AI translation will often be as accurate as that of an experienced translator

TOP content formats for Marketing, Sales and PR

You just type in a query and we provide the most popular types that are used in marketing and PR

You only need to describe in a few words what you want to tell your clients

What tasks does the Content Manager perform ?

Choice of all types of content

You just enter a prompt and we give the top options that are used in marketing and PR

Adding sources on topics worth referencing

Finds the latest news on the topic on the internet, which you can use in your posts and articles. Automatically saves links to primary sources in a separate section of the article called references

High-speed text editing with AI

Among the most sought-after tools are those for summarizing text and condensing articles or paragraphs, expanding the amount of text, translating articles into any language, and many more

Translation into all word languages

You can use the latest news on the topic or articles in any language for an article in your native language. Don't worry, our AI will provide a high-quality translation and proofreading for the final article

Quickly generate images for posts and articles

The AI will search photo stock libraries and generate unique images for your post or article using the best generative models. All you'll need to do is drag and drop your favorite illustrations

Creating Video Shorts for Social Media

Create compelling short videos tailored for social media platforms to captivate your audience.

Knowledge we taught the AI content manager

Analysis of Commercial Posts

We analyzed an extensive database of the most successful commercial posts, allowing our AI to adapt their style and structure

Marketing knowledge

The training process was built upon an extensive review of all available literature on marketing, encompassing a wide range of resources and references related to the field.

Studying Social Media Formats

Drawing from the experience of our consultants, we identified the most in-demand and effective content formats for each social network

SEO Analytics

Our SEO consultants compiled a comprehensive list of factors influencing website rankings in search engines, and we integrated this knowledge into our AI's database.

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