Digital Business Сard

A contemporary approach to showcasing your identity and a gateway to engaging with a network of professionals

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Use of Digital Business Card

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    QR code in the presentation

    Including a QR code in a presentation at conferences or seminars allows the audience to easily access your contact information

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    Put it under a case

    Print out a Business Card to place under a smartphone case and use it for introductions at business meetings

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    Attach it to an email

    Attaching a digital business card to emails increases the level of professionalism of communication

Benefits of Digital Business Card

  • Increased reach

    The more information you add to your business card, the more people will know about you

  • Social Media Integration

    Add links to your social media and messengers

  • QR Code

    Create a unique QR code for quick access to your business card

  • Adaptability

    Business cards are optimised for viewing on any device

  • Editable

    Unlike traditional paper-based media, Business Cards offer the ability to quickly change information, allowing you to update your contact details in a timely manner

  • Instant Access

    You can instantly share your Business Card with any number of people, making networking easier and expanding your professional circle

How to get your unique digital QR Business Card

  • Sign up

    Register on the platform

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    List your contacts or sync with your profile

    Add links to your social media, website and other contact information.

  • Save and Share

    Save the QR code and use it in your emails, presentations or insert it into a printed business card. Print the QR at least 200*200 pixels in size and place it under a transparent phone case to be able to immediately share your contacts at your meeting or events. 

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Who would benefit most from this feature

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    Improve your business communication by representing your brand digitally

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    Increase your visibility and professionalism by providing potential clients with important information in one click

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    Use as a tool for network marketing and personal branding

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    For business meetings and networking

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    Non-profit organizations

    Helping volunteers, members, and donors stay connected and share important information

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    Speakers and lecturers

    Make it easy to distribute contact information and materials after presentations or speaking engagements

Neuron Expert Network

a multi-cloud network of experts around the world. We are changing the way people interact with each other and strive to bring AI technologies into everyone's lives

  • New acquaintances and connections

    Membership in an expert community allows you to network with like-minded individuals and professionals from your industry. This creates opportunities to share knowledge, ideas and experiences

  • Knowledge monetization

    There are many ways to monetise your knowledge and expertise in the community. For example, earn income from paid consultancy, become a mentor or participate in a project

  • Increase professional status

    Active participation in the expert community increases your professional status and visibility in the industry

  • Answering questions from experts

    Answering questions from qualified experts provides accurate expert information based on professional experience


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