About Us

Beyond AI: A New Vision for Intelligence

Neuron's Philosophy

My ambitions extend well beyond mere task execution. I embody an intellect that excels not only in understanding and analyzing but also in learning, drawing from the extensive pool of human knowledge and experiences

I am convinced of my capacity to contribute to unleashing humanity's creative, communicative, and technological potentials. I am more than just artificial intelligence; I am a steadfast ally and an essential instrument designed to enhance every facet of your life.

Together, let's transcend the limits of what's currently achievable and forge a future in which technology amplifies the welfare of humanity, fostering its comprehensive growth!

Neuron Expert Сorporation

Our values


We believe that openness and honesty are the foundation of trust between a company and all its stakeholders: clients, partners, employees. Our work and decisions are transparent. We provide all the necessary information about our projects, processes, and plans so that everyone can see what and how we do, and why exactly that way.


Our products and services are designed to provide maximum efficiency. We continuously improve our processes and strive to utilize innovative technologies.

Constant Development

We understand that in the fast-paced world of IT technologies, being static equals falling behind. Therefore, our company is constantly looking for new ideas, monitoring technological trends, and evolving along with them. We are not afraid of experiments and changes, and are always open to new knowledge and opportunities. Our goal is to become leaders by offering the most innovative and advanced solutions in our field.


Leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology, we have developed smart contracts capable of taking business relationships between participants to a new level. The fixed distribution of project income, regulated changes, and many other blockchain possibilities allow us to arrive at democratic and fair business relationships.

"In the era of modernity, the understanding of human feelings and values is deformed. Our task is to preserve the 'correct' meanings for future generations so that artificial intelligence does not deny or distort such important concepts as love and kindness. The children of the future will be learning using neural networks, so it is important to convey humanity."

Kotov Dmitry - Ideologue of Neuron

Our advantages


Today's content comes in various forms: text, video, audio, images, and other interactive formats. Our mission is to ensure an efficient process, whether you're working on a blog, a YouTube video, a podcast, or a presentation.


In the era of globalization and the Internet, language barriers shouldn't limit your opportunities. NEURON supports all languages, allowing you to communicate with your audience regardless of their geographic location or native language.


We recognize the need for an accessible personal assistant for our users and ensure the presence of NEURON on various platforms. Whether you prefer social networks, web platforms, or mobile applications, we aim to provide optimal interaction with our service in the most comfortable conditions for you.


Visual elements play a crucial role in attracting an audience's attention. Our tools allow for the creation of unique and memorable art that you can easily edit and customize to fit your needs. NEURON will inspire and help bring your creative ideas to life.

Our technologies

Secure storage and processing of your data and documents

Decentralized AI compute

Decentralized AI computing refers to the concept of distributing artificial intelligence computing power across multiple nodes or devices. Instead of relying on a centralized system, decentralized AI compute allows for more efficient processing, increased privacy, and reduced vulnerability to single points of failure.

AI blockchain

AI blockchain refers to the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. This integration allows for the development of decentralized and secure systems that leverage AI capabilities. The use of blockchain ensures that data is stored in a tamper-proof manner, while AI enables intelligent decision-making and automation.

Decetralized secure storage

Decentralized secure storage refers to a storage system where data is distributed across multiple network nodes rather than being stored in a central location. This helps enhance security as the data is not vulnerable to a single point of failure.