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April 3, 2024, 2:46 p.m.

I just created an AI music video using LTX Studio in 30 minutes — and I can't believe the results - Tom's Guide

AI video tools, like Runway, Pika Labs, Leonardo, and LTX Studio from Lightricks, are being used to create music videos quickly. LTX Studio stands out because it generates all the clips, shots, sounds, and images based on a single prompt, eliminating the need to edit them together in a video editor. OpenAI's Sora generated music video, Madonna, and Guns n Roses have also used AI video generators. These tools offer a cost-effective and time-saving way for artists to create visuals for their songs. In a challenge, LTX Studio was tested with a music track generated outside the platform.

The author used Google's MusicFX tool to create a blues-inspired track and then crafted a narrative prompt for LTX Studio, focusing on elder millennial nostalgia. The initial draft from LTX Studio required some adjustments to balance nostalgia with the millennial theme, and the author also refined the video by replacing certain scenes and achieving a vintage feel. Despite limited time, LTX Studio significantly accelerated the creation process compared to other tools. The author suggests the addition of a feature to incorporate clips from different platforms or real-world footage into LTX Studio's productions. Currently, this can be done by removing the sound from LTX Studio, exporting the video, and then editing it further in Premiere Pro.

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