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April 16, 2024, 3:05 a.m.

The impact of AI on disinformation and democracy - POLITICO Europe

We are proud to support POLITICO's dedicated series on artificial intelligence (AI) and elections. As a global foundation focused on safeguarding democracy from digital threats, we recognize the significant role AI will play in shaping public debates and policy during the 2024 global elections. The rollout of AI presents challenges such as deepfakes, influence operations, and algorithmic polarization, which will require regulators and policymakers to keep up. Independent media will be crucial in charting and demystifying the impact of AI on disinformation and holding tech companies accountable. This series will explore AI's influence on disinformation in the 2024 global election cycle, with a specific focus on Europe (Germany, France, and Poland), Mexico, and the fallout from Indonesia's recent ballot. The risks of AI-fueled disinformation are pervasive, particularly in non-Western regions where social media corporations underinvest in safeguards.

Europe, with its ambition for responsible tech regulation, has a vital role to play in overseeing Big Tech corporations. However, enforcement challenges and misaligned incentives hinder regulation efforts. Furthermore, it is crucial to elevate the political importance of Europe's tech regulation to avoid bureaucratic obstacles. Protecting democracy and sovereignty over technology requires rigorous journalism, robust regulation, and a commitment to democratic oversight. Luminate sees this series as an important step towards raising awareness of the challenges we face and strengthening our collective efforts for a safer digital future.

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