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Manage your life more efficiently and productively


Comprehensive Approach

We offer maximally convenient solutions for work, study, and daily tasks, all hosted within a single service. Multifunctionality is our advantage.

Global Access

We are breaking down language barriers. Now, you can communicate directly with your audience or team, thanks to our products and support for dozens of languages.

Continuous Improvement

We grow daily: improving what already exists, expanding capabilities, generating new ideas and bringing them to life. You can dream with us!

Content Builder & SMM Manager

Leading the SMM, PR and advertising campaign from a single location

SMM-Manager automates the creation of texts and visuals, and makes it easy to publish content to different social networks.

With Content Builder, bring your bright ideas to life! The text editor can handle any genre and size of texts, and the generated images complement them.

The Publisher makes it easy to post a variety of content types, deliver content to your audience quickly, and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

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Digital workers

workers image

The ideal employee is always in touch!

Virtual employee trained on corporate data and extensive knowledge base.

It functions without interruption, provides personalised solutions and helps save resources.

The hallmark of a digital employee is fast learning and processing, which helps improve your business.

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Business card

Professionalism in your pocket -- something that will set you apart from others

Now dating has become even more convenient. All you have to do is add the information you want to share, and the platform will present it in a convenient format.

Suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals and companies wishing to make an impression in the online space, at business meetings and conferences.

Get your ticket to the community of experts!

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AI tools


From ideas to words, from thought to reality!

NEURON offers tools for fast and accurate translation of texts, shortening and structuring large amounts of information, as well as rewriting with the selection of synonyms and alternative phrases.

It can also generate images based on text descriptions for various tasks.

The tools can be useful for personal purposes, such as writing letters, as well as for work.

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Auto News Creator

Transform your business with current news

Full range of services for creating and automatically distributing news content for your business at incredibly low prices

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